Added a third photo album

5-JUL-2006: Today I added a third photo album which chronicles the first year of our puppy, Brogan. Well he’s hardly a puppy anymore! We got him last August, 2005 and he has grown to nearly a hundred pounds of muscle and energy. I swear Mary feeds him better than me!

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4 Responses to Added a third photo album

  1. Kevin Gregory Chudek says:

    grandfather John Chudek grandmother Eva Chudek home stead in athabasa Alberta Canada I think from Chekaslovakia ever hear of them ? I know my grandmother had a twin sister in “old country ” . When I asked her were she was from she said “depends when somtimes Poland , sometimes Chek, and sometimes Germany , it sounds like the area you mentioned . Both my granparents spoke little english.

    • Hello Kevin (and family)… yes, I have a fairly extensive family chart regarding your grandparents. They had 12 children between the 1920’s and 1940’s. I have been able to identify and find most of the descendants, although I have not worked on this part of the Chudek chart in several years. I have your father Roy listed as one of the first generation Chudek’s born in Canada. The public records show he was married a few times but I don’t have names of any of his wives.

      Your grandmother was absolutely right when she told you “sometimes Poland, sometimes Czech, and sometimes Germany.” She could have thrown in “sometimes Austria-Hungary and sometimes Silesia” too, because these were geo-political designations prior to WWI, when they were born. The boundaries shifted and the names changed a number of times during the past 150 years. Today, if you visited your grandfathers birthplace you would be within the Czech Republic, on the very eastern border where it meets Poland. (Czechoslovakia does not exist anymore.) If you search for Mosty u Jablunkova, Czech Republic on Google Maps, this will take you to that area. My records show your grandmother was born about 1896 in this town and your grandfather born 31-Aug-1896 in the small village named Pisek, a few miles NE of Jablukova.

      Going back one more generation to your paternal great grandparents, John was the fifth of seven children in that family. There were six boys and one girl, Susanne. My records show John, his older brother Paul, and his younger brother Adam immigrated into Canada. I heard the story about their sister coming to Canada and living with John and Paul until one of them died, then she returned to Czechoslovakia. This information is not well documented in my notes.

      Regarding your grandmother, Eva ZMUDA, I do not have any of her family information. It just so happens that this is MY grandmother’s maiden name as well. My grandmother was born in an area about 100 miles SE of Jablunkova, in Jardonov, Poland. I have information about that family but would not (quickly) believe they are related to your grandmother’s family living in Jablonkova. That would take some extensive research and the probability of a connection would be very low.

      Are you a Facebook member? I setup a group for the family and have been “collecting” people that carry our surname. I have not made an “invitation campaign” for a while, but there are many of your cousins who are active on Facebook and live in AB and BC. You can find me on Facebook (or lots of places on the internet, just Google my name).

  2. ken todzia says:

    My grandfather was born in chudek in 1892 the last name was Todzia first name Frank he came to the U.S.A around the turn of the century I would like to know if there is any family still in the area
    thank you Ken Todzia

    • Hello Ken Todzia. It has been 3-1/2 years and I just discovered your message. Your grandfather, Frank Todzia is not related to my Czudek/Chudek ancestry in the Czech Republic. You said Frank was born in “chudek” and you will want to know this is the name of a village in the NE area of Poland. This is far removed from where my ancestral family originates. You can get some information on this town using this link:

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