Oral history confirmations

20-SEP-2007: Yesterday I re-discovered a copy of a page I received from Helena Czudkova [Milikov, Czech Republic] in 2000. She sent this copy to me along with a letter about my grandfather Johann Czudek and the early history of the Czudek family. I decided to post the image to my website and ask for translation help on the Czechlist@yahoogroups site.
The next morning I had numerous messages from the list members. The consensus was this is a page from a book of Silesian folk stories [fairytales]. It might be from a bedtime storybook by author Antonin Satke. The story title is "The Glass Hill" which tells about three common girls living together of which one marries a king. It was also suggested Maria Czudkova was the story narrator. In order to be published in a book, she would have to be a recognized regional storyteller.
List member Matej Klimes said "It’s in the dialect spoken in the North Eastern corner of the Czech Rep, the Suddetenland, areas around Cesky Tesin, Hlucin, NE of Opava, etc. It (the dialect) is sometimes referred to as "po nasemu" [~our way] and yes, it’s a mixture of Czech and Polish with a few German words…" [Ed note: The Suddentenland is the NW region of the CR, whereas the NE area described is called ‘Silesian Moravia’.]
This information supports the comment by our translator that she [20-ish] had some difficulty understanding Helena Czudkova [70-ish] when she spoke.
My thanks go to the listmembers who helped identify this piece of our family history.

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