Family research update

28-MAY-2008: The telephone call I mentioned in my previous note was from Roma Angelika Czudek (nee Cholewa) and her husband Jerzy Włodzimierz Czudek. They discovered my genealogy work on the internet while they were building their own family tree. Roma and Jerzy live in Cieszyn, Poland.
This is the area where the Olza river creates the border between the Czech Repubic and Poland. This area was split into Český Těšín, Czech Republic on the west side and Cieszyn on the east side of the river. An agreement for division came after an armed conflict between Czechoslovakian and Polish forces soon after WWI. The division and agreement were reached in July of 1920. That’s your history lesson for today!
The Roma & Jerzy Czudek family in Poland invited me to participate in their online family tree. They have accumulated over 100 family members, including many photographs, in their family project. Although we have not discovered a connection between my family and theirs, we did add a Chudek family who immigrated to Scotland after WWII and became "detached" from the original Czudek family.
Since my introduction to this new internet technology a few months ago, I have uploaded my family history into two different websites. The first site is here:  and a second internet site is here:  Both sites provide for complete privacy by requiring you to be an invited member to participate in viewing and building a family tree. This collaborative approach can help move your family history research forward into collateral lines of relatives previously unknown!

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  1. Robert says:

    Update: 9-Jul-2010The family tree website at was purchased by My Heritage and is now located at

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