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Where did the summer go?

12-SEP-2009: I occasionally get back here to add more information but unfortunately I’m not too consistent about it. This summer (2008) I joined the Chisago County Historical Society. Their research library is located in Lindstrom, MN and contains a wealth … Continue reading

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Family research update

28-MAY-2008: The telephone call I mentioned in my previous note was from Roma Angelika Czudek (nee Cholewa) and her husband Jerzy Włodzimierz Czudek. They discovered my genealogy work on the internet while they were building their own family tree. Roma … Continue reading

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Telephone call from Poland

16-APR-2008: Today I received a telephone call from a Polish woman asking about the Czudek family connections. I do not speak Polish so we communicated in English as best as possible. We exchanged email addresses and will exchange information to … Continue reading

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Oral history confirmations

20-SEP-2007: Yesterday I re-discovered a copy of a page I received from Helena Czudkova [Milikov, Czech Republic] in 2000. She sent this copy to me along with a letter about my grandfather Johann Czudek and the early history of the Czudek family. I decided … Continue reading

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Added a third photo album

5-JUL-2006: Today I added a third photo album which chronicles the first year of our puppy, Brogan. Well he’s hardly a puppy anymore! We got him last August, 2005 and he has grown to nearly a hundred pounds of muscle … Continue reading

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A new website

3-JUL-2006: Well here we go… The original web server bit the big one and is history after a 7-year flawless run… It’s time to try something new…   Here’s two photo albums for you…   The first one contains … Continue reading

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