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Oral history confirmations

20-SEP-2007: Yesterday I re-discovered a copy of a page I received from Helena Czudkova [Milikov, Czech Republic] in 2000. She sent this copy to me along with a letter about my grandfather Johann Czudek and the early history of the Czudek family. I decided … Continue reading

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Added a third photo album

5-JUL-2006: Today I added a third photo album which chronicles the first year of our puppy, Brogan. Well he’s hardly a puppy anymore! We got him last August, 2005 and he has grown to nearly a hundred pounds of muscle … Continue reading

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A new website

3-JUL-2006: Well here we go… The original web server bit the big one and is history after a 7-year flawless run… It’s time to try something new…   Here’s two photo albums for you…   The first one contains … Continue reading

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